Social Media for Distributers and Manufacturers

Back in the day, when you wanted to get the word our about your products and services, you would have taken out an ad in the Yellow Pages. You paid for each year’s edition. It was costly and static, and there was no way to determine if anyone even saw your listing.

Social media is like the Yellow Pages on steroids. When you are the owner of a business or in charge of maintaining relationships with customers and vendors, it is important to know how to connect and maintain communication at all times.

When you implement social media for your own brand or business, you can open a dialogue with customers, vendors and other potential business partners or associates you may work with in the future. Social media is an ideal outlet to promote brands with giveaways, contests and announcements and is a great platform to build professional relationships.

The Benefits of Social Media

Social media networks are completely free to use for both personal and business purposes. There is a very short learning curve, and since most of us already have personal accounts on Facebook and Twitter, it’s a no brainer to move to the next level and create a brand page for your business. Facebook even walks you through the process step by step, pointing out each aspect of your page as you go.

When you register for an account on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even Tumblr, you can instantly increase the reach your brand has regardless of the types of products and services you are trying to sell. Create social media pages for your business online to help build long-lasting relationships with potential customers and clients, regardless of the industry you represent.

When you use social media to advertise your brand, there are fewer limitations and restrictions when it comes to reaching specific audiences. You can quickly add posts, images and updates to your social media accounts to keep your viewers and potential customers informed of new releases, sales, discounts and upcoming news you want to share.

Another side benefit is that you can reach customers outside of your immediate target demographic. You can make educated guesses, but you don’t always know where your next customer is coming from. A robust Twitter account gets your message out to the entire world and brings those outside your circle to the table.

Social Media for Business Purposes

Social media is a great way to maintain communication with everyone from family and friends to business associates and networking partners. Perhaps you are seeking new professionals to partner with, or maybe you are on the lookout for new companies for an advertising opportunity, social media helps to save time as opposed to using traditional print methods to market.

When you have social media accounts set up to represent your business or brand, you can easily reach out to ask questions and to get input from individuals who are already your fans online.

A word to the wise: the more consistently you update your social media pages for your business, the easier it is to build a larger base of fans and followers. When you keep your online followers interested and engaged in the content you publish, it is easier to increase sales, and through word of mouth, peak interest in your brand. A social media strategy must have a long tail. Execution is and will always be the key to success.